Custom Grips Photo Gallery

Custom grips can be made for a lot of different Double and Single Action Revolver. For example: Smith&Wesson, Colt, Ruger Revolver.

Take a look at the gallery to see some of my current work. In the online shop you will find all the grips that are currently available. If you have a request for a customised pair of pistol grips, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you.


Stag grips

The grips I make are all made from Swiss red deer! Stag is a beautiful material that gives your gun a unique appearance. Each grip has its own appearance, so you will never find a grip that looks the same! With stag grips, you can make your gun truly unique!


Buffalo Horn grips

Buffalo horn is an amazing material. There can be some white color inside the horn, that are unique to each horn. There is also the possibility to make grips that are showing the bark of the horn.


Ivory Grips

The ivory that I work with is al preban. If you buy a ivory grip, you will receive the papers with the origen of the ivory. These papers are prooven by the Swiss goverment. 


 Only in Switzerland for sale!


Ram horn Grips

Grips made from ram horn are very special. I really like this material. It is difficult to find good ram horn. So if you have a custom request, sometimes there will be a longer delivery time.